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Bill's House

Our band formed on 9/30/12 and spans an age range of 44 years (3 generations); We play rock, rhythm & blues. Influences are Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Cure. We enjoy jam band style.

We began recording our first album on 9/4/14.

Check us out at:;


You can also see more of our videos on our YouTube channel:

Bill’s House is trademarked
Contact Bill at or 573-268-6684.


Upcoming Shows:
Sat Dec 12 2015 BILL'S HOUSE show

Adrenaline Sports Bar,Las Vegas, NV with Baba B

Age Limit: 21+, Bill's House plays 9-10pm, Baba B plays at 10:30pm.


THE AKADEMIA NOVEMBER 2015 WINNER BEST SONG ROCK / BLUES 'With gorgeous vocals, fierce guitar solos, and smoldering organ riffs, 'Mighty Mouse' is aflame with bluesy rock goodness.'

Listen to the award-winning song 'Mighty Mouse' now!




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